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Crochet Amigurumi Dogs

Crochet Dogs – The evolution story!amigurumi dogs

Crochet is a huge passion of mine. My grandma taught me the basics when I was about 16 years old. For years I would crochet on and off but could only do patterns involving straight lines.

Just over 5 years ago, both my sister-in-laws became pregnant. So I got back into an ‘on’ phase so that I could make them baby blankets. I don’t know what happened then, but I had so much wool left over that I felt the need to get creative!


After Chris and I got engaged in 2013, I began using Pinterest. As we all know, Pinterest is a great place for inspiration and ideas for all sorts of things. Originally my Pinterest use was so I could put all my wedding ideas in one place! Then I noticed all sorts of crochet patterns! And a thing called amigurumi…

I Instantly wanted to make tiny toys. The problem was, I kinda sucked! Well, that’s a bit harsh, I don’t think I was that bad considering I was a beginner. My main problem was sewing parts together – no matter what I did, it was really obvious where I had sewn!


Anyway, one day I must have been looking at my two dogs and suddenly gained the urge to crochet their likeness!

I found a crochet pattern for dogs called ‘Ami Ami’. If you look this up on Pinterest – or just the internet – you will find a book of Japanese amigurumi dog patterns.

With further help from the internet, I taught myself how to read crochet diagrams. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy!

These were my first ever dog attempts, back in 2013.

amigurumi crochet

Now, as I said, considering they were my first attempts, they’re not awful! But I really don’t like them! Their eyes are too far apart, their ears are weird, not to mention what colours are they!? They both sit in my mum’s car to this day. Whenever I get in her car, I gaze at them and then tut in disgust!

Let’s try again

I then decided to do different bodies. This time, I thought it would be nice to make a gift for my mother-in-law, so I made her dogs.

Here were my next attempts:amigurumi dogs

Oh my! My mother-in-law must have felt like a mother with a young child returning from school, proud of some awful nonsense artwork they did in the day, that she was obliged to display on the fridge! Because, she put them on the mantel at the time!

I’m pretty sure Chris made a comment about them having weird bodies at the time. I am also pretty sure that I glared at him, protective of my creations!

Mark two

Still not satisfied (good job!) I developed the patterns a little. Here are all four dogs mark two!crochet jack russell crochet westie amigurumi beagle amigurumi

These are already, in my opinion, much, much better. I’d obviously gone out and bought myself some safety dog noses! Much better than relying on my dodgy embroidery!


Not long after this, I started showing people at work pictures of my creations. Colleagues were obviously impressed as I started being asked to make mini versions of their pets. At first, it was a total hobby and I would only charge for wool.

I made gradual improvements to the dogs, learning from mistakes and finding better ways of doing things. This one was made around 18 months after the last lot:knitting

I was also able to design my own pattern. After learning how amigurumi patterns worked, I was able to create a pattern that worked for me, minimising sewing and maximising ‘realism’!. (I added ” to realism, as they’ll alway maintain a cartoon cuteness!). Nowadays, I am also much better at sewing!

Then to now

A colleague of mine kept telling me that I should set up a Facebook page to sell my crochet dogs. I kept agreeing and then doing nothing about it! One day, I had my parents round for dinner, when my phone started going crazy with notifications. She had obviously become fed up of me and had taken matters into her own hands!

My colleague had taken photographs I had shared on my personal account and created a Facebook page, without telling me! Pretty cheeky, but I am really grateful for what she did. I probably would have continued to put it off.

From there, I started selling crochet dogs. I didn’t advertise or put myself out there, but occasionally would get spikes of interest (They always came at the same time!). As I was working full-time for the police, I didn’t have much time or energy to feel enthusiastic about crocheting. I still made over 50 dogs in 2016 somehow!

Anyway, this is the last version of my Molly beagle that I made. Although, this was probably around a year ago.  beagle amigurumi


I now have more time to crochet and so I have finally felt brave enough to put them on Etsy and put them out into the world a little bit more! Click here to go to the listing (If you want to!).

My skills have developed – I can now confidently make fluffy dogs for instance!doggy

Now I am proud of my crochet creations. Even if they cause me a lot of stress sometimes (they need to be perfect and not that will do! Can sometimes mean that I re-do parts several times!).

Hope you enjoyed the story. For more examples of my recent work, go to my Pinterest board – Amigurumi Pets. 

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