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Dorchester Dog Show and general news

I realise I’ve not written anything for quite some time now! I’ve been pretty busy as it’s the beginning of craft show season and there was lots to prepare!

Dorchester Dog Show

Today I held a stall at Dorchester Dog Show. I think that dog shows might be my new favourite thing, but I may come across as a bit crazy as I have to pet all the dogs!!

Here I am all set up with my wares!Giddings Gifts

It was such a lovely day – although a little bit cold weather wise! My favourite category during the day was the fancy dress section. Maybe next time I’ll enter with Molly and Baxter!

The dog show was just part of Dorchester Festival – see what else is going on here.

Other news

This week, we have been very proud to have hit 500 sales in our Etsy shop. Etsy is a very tough and competitive place, so we are very pleased to have achieved what we have in less than a year.Etsy Giddings Gifts

That being said, I’m now trying to move us slowly away from Etsy. I’ve been working on our website and have developed it into a shop. Gosh it’s complicated when you don’t 100% know what you’re doing! But, again I am very happy with how it’s looking and so far it’s functioning well. Check out how it’s looking here.

Now that it’s set up, I can focus on trying to blog more!


That’s it for now, short and sweet! Thank you for stopping by

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