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Giddings Gifts – News update!

Etsy – It’s all going on!

I really want to blog more, but we’ve been really busy! Amongst many other reasons, it is a good thing I quit my ‘day’ job last year. I don’t know how I would have kept up whilst also working 40 hours plus somewhere else!

So a few weeks back I completely rejigged our Etsy shop and it seems to be working. I’m extremely pleased, I thought there would be a tumbleweed situation in January!

Sign commission

Last month I posted about how we made a large sign from reclaimed wood.

custom made pallet sign
Baxter in front of the sign!

Well, the same customer contacted us again to ask for more signs. We were very excited to learn that she works for a company, that amongst other things, designs window displays for shop fronts. By using my detective skills (well it wasn’t actually hard!) I found their website and saw a picture showing our previous sign clearly visible in the window of ‘Two Chicks Wholefood.’ Such a proud moment.

Now, I’m not allowed to share the photograph. But, if you’re interested, click here to go to the website that is currently displaying it. (Ours is the one that reads ‘POWER PANCAKES’).

Anyway, new signs! Chris and I (mostly Chris) spent a lot of time in January creating new signs. We already know that they are for ‘Pip and Nut’, as we were asked to include their logo.

shop sign reclaimed wood

Chris built and hand painted the signs and they look amazing!

hand made rustic shop signs

I just want to add, I cut out the stencil and packaged the signs up for shipping! Whilst not the impressive or creative parts of the project, they are important parts! And I can tell you, packaging three signs that weigh nearly 20kg altogether is not an easy task!

preparing to ship
ready to go
Ready to go (ages later!)

The signs have been delivered, the customer is happy and now we are eagerly awaiting photographs of them in situ.

Crochet Dogs

So, as you may know, I finally listed my crochet dogs on Etsy. So far, I have had two orders – consisting of three dogs. I just wanted to share the finished results!


crochet projects

The first two are Jem and Kizzy. Sadly, Kizzy is no longer with us. It makes me sad to hear when a dog has passed away, but it is an honour to make a tribute.

amigurumi project

On the other side, it’s also a lot of pressure to make sure it looks good! Hopefully this is a good memorial for Kizzy.

how to crochet

I’m pretty pleased with how Jem turned out. The fluffy dogs always look the best!

crochet toy

The next pup is Idefix. I am also very happy with how he turned out.


Anyway, that’s it for now.

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